I’ve been to two McDonalds drive thru this week and both times when I pulled up to the speaker, I was asked if I wanted to try their new something-or-other.

Both times I was initially shocked because the voice enunciated clearly and precisely, with nary a hint of an accent.

As soon as I said no, each time, a thick accented person with much lesser speach projection and general communication skills continued with my order taking process.

Then it occurred to me that the first voice is just voice talent. It’s a prompt to make us think they’re ready and waiting on us when in fact, they barely even know where there. I suspect that the guy who recorded that little prompt made more for a morning’s work than most drive thru employees make in a week.

Still, even tho the change in voices is a bit jarring, I think it’s a brilliant use of a pre-recorded message who’s only function in life is to stall for time.