11 Quarts of fun

drip drip dripThe leak in my roof is getting worse. Last night, the noise work me up and I realized a 20 oz glass under the drip wasn’t going to be enough.

So I got up, went downstairs, got the other mop bucket (mop bucket #1 has already been deployed under another part of the same leak). I put it on the night stand so the water could drip into it.

It’s an 11 quart bucket and it was full this morning at 7 am. 5 hours to get to 11 quarts. I think that’s pretty impressive. Any idea how hard it is to go to sleep when the water is dripping into the bucket/kabuki drum beside your bed? drip drip de-drip-dripity drip drip drip de-dipity drip drip dipity dipity dipity de-drip drip drip drip.

If this rain ever stops for two whole days, I’ll have to act fast to get a roof repair person in to fix it. It’s been going on about three weeks now.

sheesh. So what else can I blame being tired on?