Results by State

Hey, this is kind of interesting. Some firm out there is tracking hits on websites based on which OS people are using (Windows vs. Mac OS). Here’s the map that shows the usage… Darker Green states are heavier Mac users.


Now, here’s the interesting part. Check out this other map, that’s all red and blue and notice how there’s almost a 1 to 1 correlation between dark green states and blue states.


You can prove anything with maps and colors and stats, so I’ll let you draw your own concluding statements. One more thing about the Mac tho, according to the green map creators, Mac OS web traffic was up 7 point something percent year over year from December of last year. More stats, more conclusions to make.

I’m happy that Wall Street seems to be making the same conclusions – AAPL is up a whole lot more than just 7% in year over year trading this year, it has more than doubled since this time last year.