Why I Love Apple

Yes, I’m using my new 17″ MacBook Pro now.

So, if you’re a windoze user, bear with me a moment while I bask in the coolness that is known as getting a new Mac.

The first time I booted my new MacBook Pro, it played a little movie with the word “welcome” spotlighted in about 40 different languages. Simple, cute, whatever.

Then it asked me what the primary language of my machine was going to be. I clicked on “US English”.

Then it asked me if I was going to migrate an account from another machine. I said yes.

Then it stepped me through this process:

  1. plug a firewire cable into the old mac and the new mac
  2. reboot the old mac while holding the “t” key down
  3. choose what you want to transfer from the old mac from a list (you have 4 options in the list: user account; network settings; applications; support files)

That was it. Then I only had to wait while around 50GB of stuff transferred to the new machine. As soon as it was done, I had the personality of the old machine on the new machine.

Again, for the windows users out there, by personality I mean all the voices, all the settings, all the keychains, all the desktop pictures, all the serial numbers, even the icons on the desktop were in the same place (only spread out a bit because the new screen displays 30% more pixels). Yes, I said spaced out. They matched the positions on the new 17 inch monitor up with the positions on the old 15 inch monitor. The ones on the left edge were still on the left edge and the ones on the right edge were still on the right edge. the ones in the middle were spaced in an approximation of distance. truly cool, Apple thought of everything.

So, you say, big deal. But get this: Photoshop launched on the new machine. Excel launched on the new machine. The applications that have the most tentacles launched, the migration assistant did ALL the work! I have not had to re-install one single application to get it to work on the new MacBook Pro.

This is what we Apple people mean when we say “it just works”. Try doing the above in Windows, any version on any machine and see what your experience is like.

And once it was all done, I turned on File Vault. so now if anyone ever steals my MacBook Pro, they won’t be able to get to any of my data without going through the encryption. Sure, 128-bit encryption is not the best, but it sure beats whatever’s available from the OS in XP.

But I digress. These light-keys that automatically come on when it gets dark are really cool. I also downloaded “MacSabre” today. It’s a lot of fun making light sabre noises by using the motion detector built into my new machine.

Viva La Mac! Wahoo!