To the Bat Cave!

I always thought of myself as more of a Superman guy and less of a Batman person. I mean, while they both wore tights, Superman actually had super powers. Batman was just a cheesy rich guy who was crafty.

I’ve noticed lately, however, that when I’m driving up the road to my house I often think of the old 60’s Batman series. You know, the one with Adam West.

Even though my house is not isolated from the neighbors, the road up the hill is a curvy two lane affair that whips around trees and dropoffs. For about a half of a mile when I’m zooming in my car up the road, it feels really remote and rural.

You start at the bottom, right at the edge of Downtown Portland, go around a curve and presto, you’re in the wilderness and climbing fast. I think I’ve turned into one of those annoying locals that tailgates all the visitors on the twisty road (If you’ve recently pulled over to let me by, please accept my thanks, and an apology all rolled into one). After the first hairpin curve where you do a one-eighty, there are three more s-curves.

Keep in mind, the road is narrow and has enough curves that 25 mph really does feel like you’re speeding.

“To the Bat Cave!” keeps going through my mind every time I speed through. If only I could get them to add collapsable road barriers and bushes that open in the side of the hill to reveal the secret cave (full of high tech toys – all macintosh based in my cave…). Or what if my car shot fire out the back like the sleek ultra cool black Batmobile instead of running on batteries like my ultra cool shiny black Priusmobile?

Alas, you pop around the last cliffhanging drop off and presto, you’re in the middle of the OHSU Hospital zone, complete with 7 or 8 buildings that are over 10 stories tall, clueless people who’ve never seen a parking lot entrance before, and little yellow temporary “yield” signs in the middle of 40 or so crosswalks (one was run over so much they finally removed the sign but left the crosswalk). Sigh. So much for the bat cave fantasy.

You know, when I think about it, I always did like Batman’s little pointy ears more than Superman’s cape.