Teacher said “Pessimistic, aren’t you?”

Alien MosaicI have survived being in Texas yet another year. I made it there and back without going too crazy, and even though Southwest Airlines lost my suitcase on the way home, they did overcompensate with a $50 travel voucher (along with delivering the suitcase around noon the following day).

This year, the last night I was there, mom started cleaning out some of her drawers. I came home with a lot of old photos of people from my childhood and beyond. I now have pictures of great aunts, great-great grandmothers, the kids who lived down the street when I was born, my nefus/cousins when they were 3 months old, etc. etc.

I have refridgerator art from my childhood. One that I particularly like and am very happy she kept is the “mosaic” (shown above) of a one-eyed space alien in a flying saucer I made in the first grade. This is the kind of art I made in the early years that concerned my teachers enough to get special conferences held about me with my mother. Other childhood art projects always included Godzilla, Dracula, The Wolf Man, Frankenstein, Mummies, Bigfoot and the occasional Loch Ness Monster. You see, I’ve always been this way.

I even have a laminated newspaper article with a huge 10×6 photo of me from San Angelo. The headline is “Computer Whiz Kid” and I merrited the huge photo because I was the only kid in town, probably the only person in town, who had a personal computer on April 20, 1981. Wow, Dan was only 4 years old and I was already famous.

Also in mom’s stash of stuff from/about/by me in school was a letter that I sent to her as a senior class project from Anna Thorpe’s class at Conroe High School. On the back, it said “Dear Mother, this is a silly English Project. Please give this envelope to me sometime in the Year 2000. It is a list of the Goals I have set for myself. The Idea is to see if I have reached My Goals”. Read the envelope for yourself:


Well, technically mom didn’t give it to me in the year 2000, but I suspect that 2004 is just as good for these purposes.

I opened the letter and read it. I’m amazed at how accurate some of it is and how life’s little turns and random events have played into my original grand scheme of things. First off, let me say the letter to myself was graded and commented on by the teacher. I got an A, and two comments: “Good” and “pessimistic aren’t you”. That makes me laugh.

The letter does have code-speak for “Look at me, I’m Gay” but doesn’t actually come out and say it. The closest it gets is “I will not be married” (yay to the freaks who amended the Oregon state constitution this past November in order to keep my predictions honest). The furthest one that I haven’t acheived is “my name will be a household word.” I guess that one still needs some work.

As far as producing music and movies goes, I didn’t quite make it by 2000. The DVD I produced didn’t ship until August 2001, and the music I produced didn’t ship until September of that year. So I was off by a year.

My favorite part of the predictions was the next to the last line: “I plan to be able to do just about anything I would like and I will enjoy doing it.”

That doesn’t really sound all that pessimistic to me. What do you think?