Tim, Paul and Hans
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Giant Bear in Ketchikan
OK, it's not a real bear, but it was pretty soft and fuzzy
Times Square after the Rain
June 2013
The Portland Grotto
Do Not Poke the Flowers
Dismal Nitch
Tim and Paul across the Columbia River from Astoria Oregon
Yellowstone National Park
August 2014
Visby Sweden
Visby is arguably the best-preserved medieval city in Scandinavia. Photo from January 2014
Bigfoot stickers that I made for the 5th & 6th graders in our Sunday School class
Craters of the Moon National Monument
August 2014
Nurse –>
From Damp Camp, My Favorite Nurse.
Halloween is coming
This year it's a reverse theme
The Batmobile
Now that's a superhero car. It was at ComciconPDX this year
Stonehenge (not)
Near Marylhurst in Washington on the Columbia River, there's a replica of Stonehenge for some reason.
On the way to lunch
From the saltwater tank that used to be at Miko's
King Kong was Here in 1933
From an amazing night of iPhone photos in New York City, The Empire State Building
Continental Divide
August 2014
On the day we kidnapped Mom from her tour group in Massachusetts
Enjoying the glaciers
Yep, I drove that.
Olympic National Forest
April 2014
I love this shot from inside of a tree
Boring Oregon
Yep, it exists. And I have a PO Box there.
Space Needle
Tim's birthday in 2014, in Seattle
Gotland Island
January 2014
Caged Meat
Well, chicken anyway. And actually, it's on the outside of the cage...
Scale Model
Tim is working on our house
Ales Stenar
"stone ship" rock formation on the Southern coast of Sweden
Too Tall for This Slide
Bigfoot is too tall to fit in the picture with the rest of us.
Peace Out
Stop thinking about it. Just do it.
Baby Olaf
The guardian of the bridge, alas, melted before we got back
Tis the Season
No Artificial Flavors, Non GMO, Gluten Free, Hippie Candy. I consumed the whole bag. I just couldn't stop myself. Now I just have to avoid Whole Foods until after Halloween.


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January 2014 photo collage from Denmark
January 2014 we went to Sweden and Denmark. These are the pictures from Copenhagen.
January 2014 photo collage from Sweden
January 2014 we went to Sweden and Denmark. These are the pictures from Sweden.
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